Salesperson & Property Manager's Certificate


This course will allow you to work as a Property Manager or Real Estate Salesperson.  There is no differentiation between the qualification needed in Queensland to become a Property Manager or work as a Real Estate Salesperson.  This is an excellent career option and you can also Upgrade from the Salesperson & Property Manager's Registration Certificate to a Full Real Estate Agent's Licence any time.

Some key reasons to undertake the Salesperson & Property Manager's Registration Certificate include:-

  • The course is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know
  • It's the first step in an exciting new career in real estate
  • You'll be allowed to show property to potential renters and buyers
  • You can upgrade to your Full Real Estate Agent's Licence
  • A career in Property Management is at your fingertips
  • The units of competency covered are nationally recognised
  • Under Licensee supervision, you can manage a place of business
  • The course may be completed in 3 days
  • All courses are delivered by quality Trainers & Assessors with proven success in the real estate industry

How to obtain a Real Estate Salesperson & Property Manager's Registration Certificate

You must complete the course through a Registered Training Organization like Complete Property Training before you can apply to the Office of Fair Trading Queensland for your Certificate.

It is also important to note that holders of a Real Estate Certificate must work for a Licensee or Principal of a Real Estate business. You cannot work independently unless you hold a Full Agent's Licence, meaning you cannot run your own business if you only hold the Certificate.

Upon the successful completion of your course we will issue you with a Statement of Attainment which needs to be submitted to the Office of Fair Trading Queensland, along with a Form 3-1. This Form can be downloaded from the OFT website.

About the Saleserson and Property Manager's Registration Certificate

Unsure about where you're headed? Thinking of picking up a new career path? Or perhaps you simply want to learn a new set of skills? Undertaking real estate training is an excellent way to expand your skill base, open you up to a whole new career and gain a new qualification. At Complete Property Training, we offer several different Real Estate Courses in Queensland that can see you embark on an exciting new career path. We have a full range of Real Estate Certificates and Licence Courses, offering you the opportunity to pick up a role in any of the varied channels of the Industry. The Salesperson and Property Manager's Registration Real Certificate is just one option and it's something that has proven incredibly popular here in Queensland. Here's what you need to know.

What does the Certificate allow you to do?

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading outlines everything that this Real Estate Certificate enables you to perform. It includes the following tasks:

  • Showing property to potential buyers
  • Inspect real estate that has been listed for sale or lease, or open up a property yourself for inspection
  • Advertise real estate for sale or lease
  • Buy, sell, rent and exchange land, business or houses
  • Manage a place of business (under licensee supervision)
Essentially, it gives you everything you need to sell real estate or act as a Property Manager. There are certain things you can't do, like conduct an auction or manage a trust account. There are further specific licenses that must be obtained before you can make a move into this part of the real estate career path. However, there is a significant amount that this Real Estate Certificate in Queensland enables you to do.

Units of Competency

•CPPDSM4008A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
•CPPDSM4009 Interpret legislation to complete agency work
•CPPDSM4010A Lease property
•CPPDSM4012A List property for sale
•CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk
•CPPDSM4022A Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
•CPPDSM4080A Work in the real estate industry

How long does it take?

While it does not cover the full spectrum of Real Estate qualifications that you can earn, the Salesperson's Course is the minimum Licence requirement in real estate training. Your learning begins upon enrolment when you will be sent all the Learning Resource material, which is a valuable tool to help you undertake your assessment, particularly if you are new to the Industry. We recommend you familiarise yourself with these Resources prior to course commencement.   The face to face classroom time for this course is 3 days and class time is 9am-4pm each day.  Your Trainer will lead you in assessment items and you will also be required to undertake some assessment away from class.  Experienced students (those who have previously or are currently working in the real estate industry) will often complete the assessments in the allocated course time, however all students are able to complete their assessment outside of the allocated course time, or a combination of the 2 as we have flexible delivery options.   Courses are run monthly- start dates are listed on the relevant pages on this website.  You also have the option of completing your course via correspondence or a combination of delivery modes.

However, the application itself can take a little longer. You need to pass several checks, and the processing time with the Queensland Government can be between four and six weeks. Factor this in if you're looking for a fast career turnaround!

Applying for your Real Estate Certificate

The Real Estate Certificate itself is only one part of how to become a Real Estate Agent - the application process for the Licence is another. You'll have to lodge formal identification, be over the age of 18 years, undergo a criminal history check and disclose any past discrepancies that could jeopardise your application. These sorts of checks make the Real Estate Industry a safe place to work, and hold its reputation high - yet another reason why this Real Estate Certificate in Queensland has proven popular. Remember the fees when you apply as well - $341.90 for one year, or $580.90 for three years.

Where can I complete a Real Estate Salesperson & Property Manager's Registration Certificate in Queensland?

One of the most appealing aspects of Complete Property Training is that we operate in a wide range of Queensland areas. Our central hubs of activity are across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, but we also have courses in a wide range of rural and regional centres. Wherever there is real estate, there are Real Estate Agents. And while this Industry exists, there's a need for Real Estate Certificates. Taking on the Saleserson and Property Manager's Registration Certificate is an excellent foot in the door for anyone with an interest in the Industry. It allows you to conduct a wide range of activities, and our courses are amongst the most efficient available. Get in touch to find out when the next Real Estate Certificate Course is getting underway, or to register your interest in taking the next step down this career path.